Dean Bradley and Patsy

March 31, 2010

Thomas Dean Bradley, 1884-1964, the youngest son of Susan Cannon and Delos Polk Bradley, moved to Superior, Wisconsin, to live with his uncle Dennis Cannon after his parents died in Kansas. Above, he is joined by Patsy, Dennis’s brown water spaniel, about 1895. He married Grace Randall and lived for many years at Klamath Falls, Oregon.


3 Responses to “Dean Bradley and Patsy”

  1. Tom Haggerty Says:

    Dean Thomas Bradley and Grace Randall were my great grandparents, although there is speculation as to whether my grandfather (Don Thomas) may have been adopted, although with a fraternal twin brother whom he never knew he had. I would love to get any information about the family, particularly about this possibly mystery about my grandfather and his birth parents and brother.

    • moore123 Says:

      I have always understood that Dean and Grace adopted their son but I do not know whether I have any documentation for it. I will check. It is likely that what I have is hearsay from my aunt, Lucille Cannon, who was the family historian. I I do know that when Philo and Susan Cannon Bradley died in Kansas, mt grandparents, Dennis and Agnes McCole Cannon, brought the Bradley children (with the possible exception of the oldest who were teaching) to live their home in Superior, Wisconsin. Dean was, I think, the youngest. I have a picture of him with my Grandfather’s field spaniel, Patsy.

  2. Tom Haggerty Says:

    Thanks for your response! Any luck stumbling across any documentation or other evidence of Dean and Grace adopting my grandfather Don? One speculation within my family was that it might have been Dean’s sister Lucy Jane Bradley, who was about 12 years older than Dean, that may have been the birth mother. I can find virtually no information about her other than dying single in New York in 1946. And family lore that she was a nurse during WWI.

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