Reardons in River Falls, 1866-Now

April 7, 2010

From a postcard, Main Street, River Falls, about 1905

The William and Bridget Murray Reardon family arrived in Wisconsin in 1866 with their family, Bridget (just married to Thomas Stapleton), Alice, Neil, Mary, Ellen, and James. They settled briefly in Balsam Lakes, Polk County, where William died suddenly. The next year, they moved to a farm in Kinnickinnic Township in St. Croix County, where River Falls was the nearest town.

Here is a summary of where the expanding family lived in the area.

Bridget Reardon and Tom Stapleton, Neil Reardon and Nellie O’Keeffe: the two couples divided William Reardon’s land in Kinnickinnic and farmed there. Tthe Stapletons still have a presence in the River Falls area today but the William Reardon offspring moved away by about 1920.

Alice Reardon married Dennis McMahon and moved to Stillwater, Minnesota.

Mary Reardon married John M. Kelly and remained near River Falls. Their only child, Marie, unmarried, became a kindergarten teacher in Minneapolis.

Ellen Frances “Nell” Reardon married Patrick Kilty and lived in Stillwater.

James Reardon married Hannah O’Keeffe (sister of Nellie, William’s wife) and lived in Kinnickinnic and later on 4th Street in River Falls. Their son William Leslie, “Les,” Reardon had three boys who lived at least for a time in the River Falls. Their daughter Alice became a teacher elsewhere in Wisconsin.


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