Marie Kelly

April 15, 2010

Marie Lucille Kelly, 1893-1981

Marie was the daughter of Mary A. Reardon and John M. Kelly. She was born in River Falls, Wisconsin, became a kindergarten teacher in Minneapolis, and is buried in St. Bridget’s Cemetery, River Falls.

Marie spent most Christmas holidays during the 1950s with the family of her first cousin, Blanche Reardon Cannon (daughter of Mary A. Reardon’s brother Neil) in Wilmette, Illinois. One year, she and recently married Pat Reardon (Blanche’s brother Frank’s son)  and his wife Peg Mejerle joined the Cannons for the holiday. Also present was Blanche’s sister, Nellyebelle. Blanche was introducing Peg to the assembly when inspiration struck. Marie, as so often, was busy in the kitchen and when Blanche and Nellyebelle opened the door and saw her, they told Peg that Marie was the maid. Marie played it to the hilt. Peg treated Marie like the maid, not like a new cousin. The charade went on. Finally, the truth came out. Peg NEVER forgot the incident. Even though she laughed about it, the story stayed fresh in her memory as late as the 1900s.


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