Agnes M. Higgins Flaherty

October 30, 2010


Agnes Higgins from a Glass Plate Negative


“Married at St. Augustine Church in Chilton, on Monday, May 13, 1884, Mr. James Flaherty of this city to Miss Agnes Higgins, daughter of James Higgins, Esq., of Chilton Town. After the ceremonies, the happy couple bid farewell to their relatives and numerous friends and took the train for Minneapolis, Minn., where they will begin to fight the battle of life together. This couple have been brought up in our midst and have always stood very high in society. The Times wishes them success in their new home.” –The Chilton [Wisconsin] Times, May 17, 1884.

The witnesses at the wedding were Frances McGrath and Anna Flaherty, James us the son of Michael and Mary Carey Flaherty. Agnes is the daughter of James and Maria Forkin Higgins. Prior to her marriage, Agnes was a teacher in Calumet County.


2 Responses to “Agnes M. Higgins Flaherty”

  1. Barbara Flaherty Says:

    Thanks for the information–Agnes was my great grandmother.

  2. Colleen Flaherty Says:

    Wow! Thanks for posting this photo. She is my great grandmother too, from her son George.

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