This blog promotes the history of several families who immigrated to Wisconsin in the 1840s and 1850s, all from Ireland, many by way of Pennsylvania or Ohio. They settled in western counties (Reardons and O’Keeffes in St. Croix and Pierce Counties) and south and central eastern counties (Cannons in Dodge, then Waupaca and Outagamie, McColes in Calumet). The second generation found some of the younger set striking out for Nebraska and Kansas, others seeking work in UP Michigan and Minnesota. The next generation saw some move to cities, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, as the true diaspora began. But to this day, there are some members of all the families in Wisconsin, although marriages have changed the surnames.

The other families who married into these earliest families were Higgins (McCole), Murphy (Cannon), O’Connor (O’Keeffe) and Murray (Reardon). Other surnames present in future generations are Stapleton, Kelly, Kilty, McMahon, McGinley, Short, McHugh, McGinn, and many others. Please see my Family Tree at for additional details: “Newdoyle”

I look forward to hearing from other searchers into these families.


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