McCole-Braheny Marriage

April 23, 2010

Mary McCole and Patrick Braheny

Wedding Portrait, about 1874

Mary McCole (c. 1850-c. 1930), daughter of William McCole and Catherine Lyons of County Donegal, near Ardara, came to America to the Chilton, Wisconsin, farm of her uncle, Patrick McCole, about 1870. She married Patrick Braheny, a tailor,  and lived in Chicago, in 1900 at 453 Colorado Avenue, on the west side near Ashland Avenue and Jackson Boulevard. They had nine children, Kathleen, James, Florence, William, Milly, Mary, Genevieve, John and Edna.

Their son James married Margaret Lillian Carroll. Here is the announcement of their wedding from the Chilton Times:

July 1, 1905

On Wednesday morning June 28th, at St. Mary’s church Appleton, at 7:30 o’clock occurred the marriage of Mr. James J. Braheny, of Chicago, and Miss Daisy Carroll, of Appleton, Rev. Father Fitzmaurice officiated.
The bride was attired in a traveling gown of champagne voile over taffeta and was attended by Miss Genevieve Carroll who wore French organdy and carried the bride’s bouquet of daisies. Mr Frank McCole, of Chicago, attended the groom. Mr. and Mrs. Braheny left on Wednesday for a two weeks’ trip to the Chain-o-Lakes, after, which they will make their home at 752 Augusta St., Chicago. Both the groom and bride are favorably known in Chilton, they having visited here frequently. The latter is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Carroll formerly of this city. The Times offers congratulations.


Far right: Susanna McCole McCauley O’Hara (1848-1936), a daughter of William McCole and Catherine Lyons, Ballykilduff near Ardara, Donegal. Susanna married Hugh McCauley and had six children, James, Katie, Mary, William, Hugh, and Patrick. After Hugh died in Pennsylvania, she joined her brothers Patrick and Con in Nebraska. There she married Dennis O’Hara, father of her last son, Felix O’Hara,  and lived near Hastings.

Far left: Katie McCauley Gouldie (b. 1878), Susanna’s daughter.

Center: Irene Gouldie (b. 1902).

Top: Probably Cassie McCole Herron, Susanna’s sister. Cassie taught school in Red Cloud, Nebraska, not far from her brothers’ farm. She later taught at Lincoln and then Omaha, Nebraska.

This photograph was made in Nebraska about 1905. The original is in the possession of Clarence McCauley, grandson of Susanna.

Reardons gather in Arcadia, Wisconsin, about 1946

While the nature of the occasion is in doubt, there must be significance in the corsages worn by all the women in the picture. From left: Bill Reardon, Ann Reardon, Ed Reardon, Eileen Reardon, Catherine Reardon, Ethel McLaughlin?, Michael McMahon, Marie Kelly, Margaret McMahon, Tom Reardon, Catherine Ellen Reardon, Frances Birmingham Reardon, Bud Reardon, Judy Reardon FitzGibbon.

Marie Kelly

April 15, 2010

Marie Lucille Kelly, 1893-1981

Marie was the daughter of Mary A. Reardon and John M. Kelly. She was born in River Falls, Wisconsin, became a kindergarten teacher in Minneapolis, and is buried in St. Bridget’s Cemetery, River Falls.

Marie spent most Christmas holidays during the 1950s with the family of her first cousin, Blanche Reardon Cannon (daughter of Mary A. Reardon’s brother Neil) in Wilmette, Illinois. One year, she and recently married Pat Reardon (Blanche’s brother Frank’s son)  and his wife Peg Mejerle joined the Cannons for the holiday. Also present was Blanche’s sister, Nellyebelle. Blanche was introducing Peg to the assembly when inspiration struck. Marie, as so often, was busy in the kitchen and when Blanche and Nellyebelle opened the door and saw her, they told Peg that Marie was the maid. Marie played it to the hilt. Peg treated Marie like the maid, not like a new cousin. The charade went on. Finally, the truth came out. Peg NEVER forgot the incident. Even though she laughed about it, the story stayed fresh in her memory as late as the 1900s.

Catherine Ellen Reardon LaChapelle, 1930-2010

Catherine (Cathy) Ellen Reardon LaChapelle was born Aug. 15, 1930, in Arcadia, Wisconsin,  to Edmund and Catherine, an only sister to Francis and Thomas. She attended St. Aloysius Grade School, graduated from Arcadia High School and graduated from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee.

Married to James Michael LaChapelle in 1954, Catherine delivered their first four children (including a set of twins) in a two and one-half year period and the next three were soon to follow. She relished being a mother. While in Milwaukee, she taught elementary school and then moved into Adult Basic Education for disadvantaged adults pursuing GEDs at the Milwaukee Area Technical College. She earned her MS in Adult Education Administration and Supervision from the University of Wisconsin.

When the family moved to the Chicago area, she became a Dean of the Lifelong Learning Institute at Harper College. Later, she served as the executive director of the Dupage Senior Citizen’s Council. As a member of the Board of Alexian Brothers Medical Center, she helped spearhead the establishment of their hospice program.

Catherine realized a lifelong dream of retiring to her grandparents’ lake property and settled into a rich life in the north woods of Rhinelander, Wis. She served as president of the Institute for Learning in Retirement, where she planned curriculum and taught classes on opera appreciation. She played various roles in the local chapter of the American Association of University Women. Catherine forged lifelong friendships wherever she found herself. In the spirit of her deep faith, she always volunteered at her current local parish and she was a devoted activist in ecumenical, global, political, social justice, educational and civil rights initiatives.

Finally, as her health deteriorated, Catherine became an active, joyful, participant in the community life at the Commons on Marice, in Eagan, Minn., where, on Feb. 13, 2010, she died, surrounded by her adoring husband, James, her beloved children, Mark, Mary, James, Paul, Suzanne and Andrew; in-laws and granddaughters. Catherine reassured her loved ones that she’d had a remarkable life and looked ahead to joining those who went before her including daughter, Jane.

Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11 a.m. on Saturday May 22, Church of the Assumption, 51 W 7th St, St. Paul MN( Internment at Calvary Cemetery, Arcadia, will be at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 23. Memorials to Catherine R. LaChapelle College Scholarship Fund, Wells Fargo Center, 90 S 7th St., Minneapolis MN 55402.

–The Arcadia News- Leader

Edmund Cornelius  and Catherine McLaughlin Reardon, Wedding Photograph, August 6, 1924

Edmund (1895-1948), known as Ed, son of William and Nellie O’Keeffe Reardon, married Catherine (1897-1990), daughter of Orin Homer and Ellen Cannon McLaughlin of Rhinelander, Oneida County, Wisconsin, on August 6, 1924 in Rhinelander. They lived in Independence, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, and later moved to nearby Arcadia. Their three children were Francis, Thomas, and Catherine Ellen.

From a postcard, Main Street, River Falls, about 1905

The William and Bridget Murray Reardon family arrived in Wisconsin in 1866 with their family, Bridget (just married to Thomas Stapleton), Alice, Neil, Mary, Ellen, and James. They settled briefly in Balsam Lakes, Polk County, where William died suddenly. The next year, they moved to a farm in Kinnickinnic Township in St. Croix County, where River Falls was the nearest town.

Here is a summary of where the expanding family lived in the area.

Bridget Reardon and Tom Stapleton, Neil Reardon and Nellie O’Keeffe: the two couples divided William Reardon’s land in Kinnickinnic and farmed there. Tthe Stapletons still have a presence in the River Falls area today but the William Reardon offspring moved away by about 1920.

Alice Reardon married Dennis McMahon and moved to Stillwater, Minnesota.

Mary Reardon married John M. Kelly and remained near River Falls. Their only child, Marie, unmarried, became a kindergarten teacher in Minneapolis.

Ellen Frances “Nell” Reardon married Patrick Kilty and lived in Stillwater.

James Reardon married Hannah O’Keeffe (sister of Nellie, William’s wife) and lived in Kinnickinnic and later on 4th Street in River Falls. Their son William Leslie, “Les,” Reardon had three boys who lived at least for a time in the River Falls. Their daughter Alice became a teacher elsewhere in Wisconsin.

Nellie (Ellen Ann) O’Keeffe, circa 1868

Nellie O’Keeffe was born in Brattleboro, Vermont, in 1863, probably at the home of Margaret O’Connor Moynihan (Mrs. Humphrey Moynihan), sister of Julia O’Connor O’Keeffe. The Moynihans moved to River Falls, Wisconsin, by 1869, the O’Keeffes a year or so later. Nellie became Mrs. Neil Reardon in 1889.

Mary Harietta Cannon, left, and Ellen Jane Cannon, circa 1880

Ellen Jane (Jennie) Cannon, 1862-1930, and Mary Harietta (Mate) Cannon, 1867-1933, were daughters of Anastasia Murphy and Cornelius Cannon  of Caledonia, Waupaca Co., Wisconsin. This tintype in a paper frame shows both girls with long hair, suggesting that that they were not yet “of age.” Jennie married Orin Homer McLaughlin in 1884 and Mate married  William C. Heuer in 1886.  Both women spent their lives in Wisconsin, Jennie  in Rhinelander and Mate in Oshkosh.

Dean Bradley and Patsy

March 31, 2010

Thomas Dean Bradley, 1884-1964, the youngest son of Susan Cannon and Delos Polk Bradley, moved to Superior, Wisconsin, to live with his uncle Dennis Cannon after his parents died in Kansas. Above, he is joined by Patsy, Dennis’s brown water spaniel, about 1895. He married Grace Randall and lived for many years at Klamath Falls, Oregon.